Puerto Rico has tons of underwater treasures. With so many spectacular spots for diving and snorkeling, it is one of the prominent destinations for travelers and water sports enthusiasts. But often, travelers get overwhelmed about making the right selection between water sports. We have created this blog to help shed light on two popular water sports in Puerto Rico. If you are planning to travel there and book a Puerto Rico Yacht Rentalswe recommend you read this blog. 

Sailing is all about taking a yacht to amazing destinations 

Sailing is about navigating / exploring the open waters. When you visit Puerto Rico and plan to set sale, you need a reliable yacht rental company to provide the best and most affordable options and a trained skipper to guide you. Yachts Puerto Rico Charters is one such company that provides Puerto Rico Yacht Charters services and trained skippers to make your charter more pleasurable. The skippers onboard have complete knowledge of the waters, island, and seascapes. 

Exploring the underwater world by scuba diving 

 Scuba diving could seem dangerous for first-time divers, but it is entirely safe when conducted by a trainer / guide. The waters here in Puerto Rico are pristine and crystal clear which makes for a great destination for scuba divers.

Sailing or diving: which is better?

If you hire a Puerto Rico Boat Charters, they can assist you in booking whatever water sports and arrangements you need.You will have to select the right yacht and hire it according to your travel plan. Also, you will need to tell the yacht company about your travel plans and the water sports you want to attempt.

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3 popular sites for diving in Puerto Rico. 

  • Culebra

Culebra is famous for its dive sites, including sunken vessels, caves, undisturbed coral reefs. You can enjoy diving here based on your diving experiences. If you have booked a yacht but forgot to mention your diving plans, you can definitely visit Culebra.

  • The Wall

Do you love wall diving?! Add “The Wall” to your itinerary. La Parguera is the main port for departure here, and it is located in Lajas. The location boasts beautiful undersea walls guarded by beautiful and colorful fishes hiding in the coral reefs covering it. You can also add snorkeling to your adventure list when visiting this place. 

  • Vieques

The Isla de Vieques is famous for its sheltered water. It allows all types of divers, whether experienced or novice, to enjoy diving here and take diving tours past the marine life. Rompeolas is also famous for its diverse marine life and aquatic flora and fauna. You can spot hawksbill, green turtles, moray eels, Caribbean lobsters, and stingrays while diving at Rompeols. 

Visit Puerto Rico and book one of the Puerto Rico Boat Rentals to enjoy exquisite diving spots. You can book affordable fleets from Yachts Puerto Rico ChartersFor more information, visit the official website. 

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