Whether you are thinking of visiting unique gardens, museums, romantic hotels, beautiful beaches, or any other adventurous sport, then San Juan, Puerto Rico is the right destination for you. It has plenty of things that you must see and experience at least once in your lifetime. We highly recommend you go for the San Juan boat charter that will assist you in visiting all the amazing sites there is to see there. Here, we have listed some awesome things you must do.

  1. Visit the Old San Juan

There are many excellent reasons why you must visit Old San Juan. It has a thrilling history that every imposing fortress, ancient gate, cobblestoned street exudes. The entire city is the oldest post-European city and since it has been preserved so carefully, you will feel like you have stepped into the past. You also have a chance to take a cultural tour, food tour, and a countryside tour so you can experience all the minute details of this old town.  Once you have booked your San Juan yacht charter, they can help you explore this beautiful destination, hassle-free.

  • Feel the comfort in Ocean Park Beach

Your trip to San Juan is incomplete if you haven’t spent a day relaxing on the beach. So, make sure you are visiting at least 1 Ocean Park Beach. This mile-long stretch of fine, clean sand is a favorite location amongst locals. We highly recommend sunbathing, swimming, and soaking in the scenery here. The beach is lined up with fantastic restaurants, hotels, shops, condos, etc.

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  • Go For Akuazone Dive Center

If you have explored the land, we highly recommend you explore underwater as well. This dive site is extremely popular amongst diving enthusiasts. Also, Akuazone Dive Center is the best-known and oldest San Jose dive shop. If you are naïve to diving, you can take one of their many classes such as the divemaster course, scuba course or instructor course. There you can find professionals who can best train you for the water.

If you are already an experienced diver, then you can visit some of the magnificent reefs while using Akuazone tech dive equipment. The variety and quantity of sea life will amaze you. Just book your San Juan boat rental and the rest you can leave up to the crew. When contacting your charter specialist please notify the representative that you’re wanting to go scuba diving.

  • Whale watching and surfing at Rincon

Rincon is known as “Gringo Paradise” to Puerto Ricans. Often it is called Little Malibu and Pueblo del Surfing. If you are a whale lover or want to surf on the water, then this is your place. Rincon is famous for whale-watching excursions. However, the prime time to watch whales is from mid-January to march. During this time, you can locate humpback whales in the area.

Rincon also became very popular in 1968; when the world surfing championship took place. It became a surfing mecca for people from then on.

  • Seven Seas Beach

If you enjoy being outside in the beautiful nature. Then you will love to visit Seven seas beach. It is just thirty miles away from San Juan. There you can easily find easy parking, concession stands, restrooms, picnic tables, etc.

The Bottom-line! These are the five locations we have listed that are a must-see. However, the list is not over. Several other destinations in Puerto Rico are waiting for you. So, without hesitation, book the San Juan yacht rental where experienced crew members not only suggest the best places as per your interest but also organize your food and luxurious accommodations. Yachts Puerto Rico Charters has professional team members and is highly renowned for making visitor trips awesome. So, what are you waiting for? Lock in your plans and book your yacht to visit the most memorable places in Puerto Rico.

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