Have you picked San Juan as your travel destination for the next few days? Great choice! The capital has everything to please any traveler, from the most relaxing beaches to the wonderful tropical weather. To get the absolute most from your trip, a San Juan boat rental is all you need to turn your trip to a dream vacation.

On a rental yacht, you can explore the waters of San Juan while taking in the rich history of the city. Longer charters will allow you to visit multiple cities and attractions in Puerto Rico. Need advice on what specific activities to pick for your trip? Here we share a few common experiences that are most likely to enhance your trip to San Juan.

Beaches in Puerto Rico

The beaches in Puerto Rico always welcome various travelers at any time of a year. Each beach in this beautiful island offers something unique, and you are able to see them all through a San Juan boat rental.

With everything from breathtaking views to thrilling sailing adventures, the stunning beaches in Puerto Rico also have sandy stretches for all-day relaxation and lounging in the shade, fitting the needs for every style of vacation. You can consider paddling a kayak, catching a wave, or even exploring snorkeling and underwater scuba diving.

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Watersports With San Juan Boat Rental

With San Juan yacht rental, you have the opportunity to explore tons of various watersports. Whether you want to catch the waves and surf the entire day or do some snorkeling or scuba diving, water sports is always a fun idea for a thrilling experience in the waters of Puerto Rico.

You can cruise your way through La Parguera or the stunning blue vistas of Punta Arenas in Vieques. Each passage is mesmerizing and Caribbean waters are sure to enchant you. For a stay in San Juan, add the Condado Lagoon to your travel list to enjoy some of the city’s amazing views. 

San Juan Boat Rental

There are various options in the fleet of vessels available to you for a San Juan yacht charter. Different vessels will provide more than enough space for groups of any number, providing the number of passengers falls within the legal limits per the coast guard requirements.

The best thing about a boat rental is it doesn’t require any experience. A seasoned yacht crew will take you to any desired destination you want to explore. Leave the experience to them and they will make sure you have a fun and safe passage through the charter.

Although reservations are not needed, it is best to call ahead when planning for a trip. It will ensure that you get your desired yacht rental on time, particularly during low season – from September to March.

What if you don’t want to pilot your boat?

You will not need experience for a boat ride unless you want to pilot it yourself. However, if you don’t want to pilot it, we have experienced captains to lead the way.

You can easily plan out your itinerary with our qualified professionals. This is the best way to enjoy the stunning sea experience while exploring some of the popular places on the island. You can even choose between bringing your own food for the entire day, or simply asking your tour guide to arrange it for you.

Visit San Juan beaches on a private charter

This beautiful Caribbean island is home to many beaches, making it a wonderful place to spend some quality time alone with your partner or family. To make your time more memorable, it is best to book a San Juan Boat Rental before planning your trip. A private yacht will help you make most of your island getaway. With a private yacht rental, you get to enjoy any of these locations without the limitations that you face in public boats and ferries. Contact Yachts Puerto Rico Charters for a luxurious and unforgettable experience.

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