San Juan, Puerto Rico, is the ultimate destination of travelers seeking paradise. Year around, this location bring in travelers from all over the world. Whether it is your very first trip to San Juan or you are a seasonal traveler, every travel has a new experience to share. 

San Juan is much more than a colonial settlement 

San Juan indeed has great historical importance because of colonial rule and ruins. However, this location has now evolved beyond the timeworn thick walls of the colonial era and has come up as a succinct neighborhood with party culture, high-quality restaurants, and lively streets during nights. Travelers come here to enjoy the food, party hard, sail on San Juan Boat Charter and live a carefree life which they miss during 9 to 6 job. 

But travelers’ main travel goals here are not only partying and enjoining food. Instead, nature and cruising in autumn bring them here from their respective land.

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San Juan shines with a lush green aura in September month

September in San Juan is the prime time for a vacation. Travelers come here during this season for multiple offerings like green and lush nature, gorgeous weather, crabbing activities, and sailing on San Juan Yacht Charter.

During September, this island has lovely weather. The temperature remains a little warmer than June, with late-summer breezes. That is why this duration is most promoted as one of the best sailing destinations. Thus, if you have been planning to visit this island, create your itinerary in and around September. For the best sailing experience, you can book a credible yacht charter in San Juan like Yachts Puerto Rico Charters. This yacht agency is best known for its expert sailing staff and fleet. 

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San Juan has a lot to offer during September month 

San Juan offers a lot to its travelers apart from sailing through a well-designed yacht charter Puerto RicoYou can join a lot of activities, water sports, and hiking tours to enjoy the fall season of this island. 

This particular season lands in between Puerto Rico’s hurricane season but don’t worry. The sun seems hot, the breezes coming from the sea even it down, making September the best season to sail in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

A list of things to do in San Juan during September 2021

  • Hire a Boat Charter Puerto Rico from Yachts Puerto Rico Charters and enjoy sunbathing on a spacious deck with your partner or group. 
  • As you feel warm, slip into the pristine water and have a refreshing swim for the change. 
  • Stargaze on the water under the dark wrap of the sky without any light disturbing the serendipity. Our staff is highly skilled in creating a stargazing atmosphere for you. Tell us your intent in advance to let us prepare the atmosphere better. 
  • Before boarding a yacht charter, you can enjoy walking past the shops located on bustling streets in Old San Juan. 
  • You can also plan a tour to Bacardi Distillery and see how this famous brand makes its popular rum. 
  • If the rum sipped at the distillery embarks adventuring emotions in, you could plan for a ziplining adventure through the rain forest in San Juan. 
  • You can also double up the adventure there with a hiking tour in the rainforest. 
  • But, the real adventure is in the waters. You cannot miss being in water if you are in San Juan. 
  • To start, you can paddle through the glowing water of Bioluminescent Bay or enjoy a kayaking tour. 
  • You can also snorkel and sunbathe in Culebra. It will take only a day trip to enjoy this. 
  • Lastly, enjoy catching Dungeness crabs and get rewarded. Crabbing in San Juan starts from a date in July and runs up till September. But the game has a lot of rules, so make sure you stick to them. 

Book a Yacht Charter for hassle-free sailing

Visiting San Juan means sailing through the crystal and pristine waters. But the trip becomes memorable when you spend your quality time traveling and sailing there. So, for the best fleets and multi-day cruising experience, contact Yachts Puerto Rico Charters.  You can make your a-la-carte itinerary and add as many spots you wish to visit in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


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