If you have chosen San Juan as your next destination for travel and leisure, then you deserve a round of applause. For people living in the mainland of the USA, San Juan is the best gateway for the tropical climate and fascinating beach experiences. 

San Juan, apart from a historical site, is a tropical paradise serving the interest of travelers. Travelers come here with the wish to try every cocktail that is brewed here in local pubs because they are known for some of the best beverages. 

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Main attractions of San Juan 

The very authentic colorful homes, colonial ruins, and historical sites tell San Juan’s relation with the past – which is very well preserved with the efforts of its government and people. But the city has an identity beyond being a historical extravagance. 

At present, San Juan is known in the world for its lively nightlife, bustling ports, and beaches. It will not be wrong to say that the city is a travel-worthy island amid clear waters. Being here, you cannot miss the fun of sailing in blue water with your loved ones, friends, or lover. You should book a San Juan Boat Charter we recommend you book previous to your charter; as other travelers might have booked all the best charter services like YachtsPuertoRicoCharters. 

So, just take your travel plans to the next stage and do the mandatory preparations. 

Brief on things San Juan is popular for

  • Beaches – San Juan is known for its sandy and palm tree studded beaches where spotting travelers lazing under the sun is quite normal. As you have planned a trip to this beautiful city, you will soon be there on one of the beaches, lazing around or enjoying water sports. A few prominent beaches you must include in your travel itinerary are Isla Verde Beach, Balneario El Escambron, Ocean Park Beach, Candado Beach, Playa Pena, PlayitadelCondado, and Playa Ultimo Trolley
  • Cocktails – If you wish to taste real cocktails, there is no better place than San Juan. This city is the modern home of rum-based cocktails like Mojito, Coquitos, and Pina Colada. A few popular sites for best cocktails are Mezzanine, El Bar Bero, etc.
  • Food – You name the cuisine you wish to eat in San Juan, chefs will present it. Generally, the city has a mix of indigenous food cultures from Africa, Taino, America, and Spain. However, you can now spot food from every corner of the world here without much difficulty. These days, Asian and Italian influences are majorly seen in the food ecosystem of San Juan. 
  • Water Sports – The presence of clear water always presents the opportunity for water sports. In San Juan, too, travelers love water sports like Sailing, Fishing, Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, and Scuba Diving. The island is very famous for its local dive site Cayo Raton. However, very few people are able to enjoy it due to the lack of guidance or resources. But, if you have already booked a San Juan Yacht Charter with YachtsPuertoRicoChartersyou should not worry much. They will provide your required assistance, including a local guide, a knowledgeable captain, and scuba diving-related equipment for a satisfactory diving experience. 

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Best time to land in San Juan for a travel excursion

The weather here is beautiful year around. Therefore, it attracts a lot of tourists, to beat the crowds the best duration to plan your excursion is from May to June. During this time, the beaches are a little empty and serene to enjoy peaceful sunbathing. Besides, the prices of hotels also go down a bit.  

Reach San Juan beaches on a private charter

The Caribbean island has so many beaches to spend quality time individually. But this is only possible when you book a San Juan Boat Rental before your arrival. A private yacht charter will help you get the most out of your travel plans, allowing ample time to stay at one beach. When you book a private yacht, you enjoy every location candidly without limitations as faced in public ferries and boats.


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