If asked, all locals will agree to the fact that San Juan is a beautiful archipelago and could be visited all year round. However, expert captains from several San Juan Boat Charter companies agree to a common fact that there is no better time to visit San Juan than between May and October. 

May to October – Travel season is the liveliest 

During May through October, this archipelago is most lively and ideal for visiting. In these months, water activities are at their peak and there are many exciting things to do. 

Some other factors that lure voyagers to San Juan are –

  • Local events take place

Locals of San Juan are very hospitable people, and they are known to welcome tourists with some great local events in the May-October months. If you plan your visit during these months, you will be lucky enough to be a part of a series of events like the Farmer’s Market, Fireworks Display, Music & Martin and Movie & Tuesday night dinner.

  • Weather is beautiful

Weather in San Juan is always stunning and good for all-day cruising. The best part about this archipelago is – it remains significantly brighter and dryer during summer and fall. The area can get pretty chilly while sailing. If you’re looking for warmer weather, we suggest you travel during the summer months. In the case start planning your trip late, you still have a chance to visit San Juan in the fall. Islands stay warm, sunny, and enjoyable for Yacht day trips rented from one of the prominent San Juan Boat Rental services like YachtsPuertoRicoCharters.

  • Travel sight wildlife

The duration between May and October is not the only active time for locals and voyagers but for wildlife as well. They remain very active during these months and love to appear in front of locals and voyagers. You can get lucky during your private charter and spot majestic animals like Orcas, Humpback whales, Bald Eagles, etc. The sight seems like a scene straight out of a Natural Geographic Channel.

Preparations you need to do in advance

From May to October, the time for San Juan Yacht Charter services is the busiest. Tourists flock to this archipelago to have the best time of their life and hence, you are suggested to book ahead of time if you are planning to visit San Juan during these months. There are many other preparations which you need to complete in advance. The list is given below!

  1. Book your boat charter early

Summer and fall are the busiest seasons of the whole year. Almost all boat charters are pre-booked for days, and hence, you should play it safe. Rather than haggling at the last minute, you should book your yacht charter in advance and stay stress-free. 

  • Plan your itinerary 

Planning an itinerary needs time. You can randomly choose places and list them under your itinerary. Therefore, keep researching in advance so that you have at least a back-up ready if Plan A fails. 

  • List things-to-do in advance

The archipelago offers a multitude of places to stay, eat, drink and party hard. From historical ruins to beautiful beaches and exciting water sports, you have a lot of activities to choose from. Therefore, advance time is needed to not regret when you are back at home. 

  • Keep warm clothes for future need

If you have booked a yacht for a day-night sail, you may need to keep your warm clothes handy. Although daytime seems sunny and warm, the nighttime could be chilly on the waters.

  • Pack adventure and fishing gear

Many voyagers come to San Juan with a knack to do deep-sea fishing, diving, kayaking, and hiking. If you are one of such voyagers, always carry your gears with you. But if you book renowned one of the San Juan Yacht Rental companies like YachtsPuertoRicoCharters, you may get gears onboard.

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The final put

Travelling is a quintessential need for many and it should be spent well. Be prepared so that your money and mood, both are not wasted.            

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