Romantic Outing

Puerto Rico is a paradise filled with romantic beaches, beautiful coastline, pristine waters and consists of numerous activities you and your loved one can enjoy together. Whether you are coming to Puerto Rico on your anniversary, wedding, proposal or Valentine's Day, we can ensure you two will have the ultimate experience aboard our luxury vessels. Yachts Puerto Rico Charters provides a range of luxury yachts for a romantic getaway in the world's most vibrant and lively destination. We provide you everything you will need for the most memorable romantic trip of your life. Here are the places in Puerto Rico that are ideal for romantic outings:

  • Flamenco Beach in Culebra is known for its soft sand, quiet waters and outstanding water activities. It is secluded and can offer you the best place to relax with your loved one.
  • Condado Beach is a picturesque beach where you can just relax and wait for the stunning sunset.
  • Sun Bay Beach in Isla de Vieques has all the elements of a perfect Caribbean getaway. It has ivory white sand, transparent blue water and large shady palm trees. Find a good stretch of coastline for some romantic time together or enjoy delicious cuisine at one of the many restaurants on the beach.
  • If you and your partner love swimming and snorkeling, then visit Luquillo Beach. It boasts calm, gentle waters and coral reefs for an adventurous snorkeling experience.
  • San Juan is the perfect place to learn more about the true Puerto Rican culture. Visit Old Juan’s romantic beaches like Playa Peña, Ocean Park Beach and Isla Verde Beach
  • Pine Grove Beach is known for its quiet and warm blue waters. Partake in body surfing, jet skiing and swimming for the best experience.
  • Rincón is the ideal spot to catch a magnificent sunset and click some Insta-worthy pictures of San Juan Bay.
  • If you and your partner love adventurous things, hike the El Yunque National Rainforest during your charter around the northeastern corner of Puerto Rico.
  • A romantic yachting trip in Puerto Rico is incomplete without spending some time in La Chiva, Vieques. It is un-crowded and offers excellent snorkeling opportunities. Playa Caracas in Viequesmakes for a fantastic day trip aboard your private yacht charter.
  • Zoni Beach is less populated and peaceful. You and your loved one can spend a whole day here, playing beach volleyball and enjoying its’ numerous water activities.

Choose from our fleet of luxury vessels ranging from 40-120 feet, all with professional crew members who are there to give you 5-star experience during your romantic trip. Just advise us on the locations you are eager to explore and we will take care of everything else. We can serve you tasty food and drinks, provide spa services, take you to secluded locations, help you explore hidden gems and much more. While we cater to you, you and you partner can relax the day away, swim, sight see and sail away on the gorgeous Caribbean ocean. To book your charter for a romantic outing in Puerto Rico, contact our charter specialist here.